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Home Birth VBAC of Jasper Rain

Rachael Anita Jones Birth story home birth Vbac

Finding a provider

Before Jasper was even conceived I was already reading about VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) and preparing myself for the next birth. I was excited when I found out I was pregnant and was ready to experience a different birth then last time. 

We were in Rexburg at the time, but we were planning to move to Moscow, Idaho when I would be around six months. I currently had a very supportive midwife and I was eager to find another in our new town. After some research I found a birth center and decided to call and interview the midwife. 

During the call I learned that the birth center was not allowed to accept VBAC clients. She did say she could assist me as a home birth client but because she did not have as much VBAC experience she recommended I contact another local home birth midwife (who was very experienced with VBACs) before I made my decision. During this call I also learned that the two nearest hospitals would also not accept VABC clients. So at this point my options were driving 40 minutes to birth in a hospital that would accept me or have a home birth!

When I finally called the home birth midwife I felt comforted. It felt like the right decision. My husband, who was at first nervous about a home birth, also felt very confident in this decision. So now we were half way through the pregnancy and now planning a home birth with a midwife we haven’t even met yet!

When we finally moved and met with the midwife it was great. She was a perfect fit for us. It was also so nice having home prenatal visits! 

The birth

Starting Sunday at 1am I started having some inconsistent contractions. I wasn’t sleeping much so I got up ate some food and took a bath. I wasn’t even sure I was having contractions at this point! I just thought I was having some aches from being 38 weeks pregnant. I did finally get some sleep and in the morning I finally realized what I was experiencing!

I didn’t experience a lot of contractions during the day and my midwife thought I may be having prodromal labor and mentioned it could last quite a few more days. 

I didn’t sleep well again the next night, I think I spent most of the time in the tub trying to relax! The warm water helped sooth the contractions. Most of the discomfort was felt in the back right hip area. I spent the night enjoying silence, dim lights and a soothing warm water.

Monday morning comes around and I was having more consistent contractions. I was really bad at keeping track of the timing but I felt that I should call the midwife. I called her and she said she would be right over after her yoga class. In the mean time I called the doula and asked her to come over as well. 

The doula made it over a little before the midwife and the assistant midwife. It was all becoming real at this point! The midwife agreed I was in fact in labor and decided to start administering the antibiotic for group B strep (I had tested positive). I was grateful she could do this at my home! 

Throughout contractions either the doula or Jake would do some counter pressure on my hips. It helped a lot with the pressure I was feeling. Laboring in the comfort of my home I was able to eat what I want and move however and wherever I wanted. I mostly labored on a ball or leaning over the couch. To help get the baby moving down I started walking stairs. This got contractions coming closer together. 

After a couple hours, the baby still hadn’t moved down much despite having consistent contractions. We decided to work through the Miles Circuit routine to help the baby get into a better position. The doula helped me get into the positions and hold them for the recommended time. About 20 minutes into the second position, which made my contractions feel so intense, my water broke! 

Contractions started to pick up fast and became much more intense. I decided to get into the shower to benefit from the relaxing water. Jake came in with me and I held onto him through a few contractions. I was feeling a new kind of pressure a felt the need to push! After getting out of the shower, I labored on a birthing stool and then on the floor for a bit. The midwives noticed I kept lifting my right hip and was feeling a lot of pressure there. They were supportive and made suggestions to move into different positions till I found one that felt good. I eventually made my way on to the bed semi reclined with Jake behind me. 

During this phase I was in another world. This was the only time I felt like I couldn’t do it but the midwifes, my doula, and Jake reminded me that I could do it! And I did! At 11:20 pm our sweet baby (a boy!) was born on our bed and into my arms. He had the cord around it’s neck as well as it’s little hand by it’s face. The midwife quickly unwrapped the cord and my baby was immediately on my chest. I was so happy to see my baby, a boy, there in my arms! I said to myself multiple times, “I did it!”

Our little Jasper Rain looked great. He was moving well but wasn’t crying strongly, making more of a grunty sound. The assistant midwife was right by my side checking his lungs. She tapped his back a few times and the gave him a puff of air and then he was crying well and doing great. All of the newborn care was done with him either in my arms or right beside me. I loved that.

Around 20 minutes later the placenta was birthed and then Jake got to cut the cord. I was feeling great with my little baby on my chest. While my doula fed me food my baby found my breast on its own and began to nurse. I was on a birthing high. It was a wonderful healing home birth. I am so grateful I found the perfect birth team to help me have a happy, healthy, and safe birth experience. 

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